Bootstrap is a front-end framework for HTML, CSS and JavaScript that is notable for developing mobile-first and responsive websites. With some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can create Bootstrap forms, tables, buttons, typography, navigation, modals, image carousels and optional JavaScript plugins, by using the premade templates Bootstrap provides you.



  1. Responsive—Bootstrap’s features are responsive, which means they are optimized to fit the size of the screen you’re seeing the page on, such as desktops, tablets or cell phones. For example, a Bootstrap form on a desktop site will proportionally change in size when viewed from a mobile phone.
  2. Mobile-first—As we mentioned above, part of the core structure of Bootstrap is mobile-first styles as opposed to desktop-first. This means that instead of usingmax-width in the media queries- like you would for a site designed for desktop- you use min-width. Generally, coding for mobile-first is simpler than coding for desktop. Also, where global styles (outside the media queries) are usually designed to make websites look nice on a large screen, a mobile-first approach focuses on sites looking attractive on a small screen.
  3. Browser-friendly—Bootstrap doesn’t discriminate, which is why it is compatible with all current browsers, like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera.
  4. Easy-to-use—The best reason of them all! You only need very barebones knowledge of HTML and CSS to begin using Bootstrap.



  1. Getting Started
  2. Bootstrap 4 Containers
  3. Bootstrap 4 Grid System
  4. Bootstrap 4 Typography
  5. Bootstrap 4 Tables
  6. Bootstrap 4 Forms
  7. Bootstrap 4 Custom Forms
  8. Bootstrap 4 Buttons
  9. Bootstrap 4 Images
  10. Bootstrap 4 Dropdowns
  11. Bootstrap 4 Button Groups
  12. Bootstrap 4 Input Groups
  13. Bootstrap 4 Collapse
  14. Bootstrap 4 Navs
  15. Bootstrap 4 Navbars
  16. Bootstrap 4 Breadcrumbs
  17. Bootstrap 4 Pagination
  18. Bootstrap 4 Badges
  19. Bootstrap 4 Jumbotron
  20. Bootstrap 4 Alerts
  21. Bootstrap 4 Modal
  22. Bootstrap 4 Progress Bars
  23. Bootstrap 4 Media Objects
  24. Bootstrap 4 List Groups
  25. Bootstrap 4 Cards
  26. Bootstrap 4 Responsive Embed
  27. Bootstrap 4 Carousel
  28. Bootstrap 4 Tooltips
  29. Bootstrap 4 Popovers
  30. Bootstrap 4 Scrollspy
  31. Bootstrap 4 Templates
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